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Marscapone & Strawberries February 24, 2011

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Last week, I got Greg and I a Valentine’s Treat from the local GE. It was so delicious, I had to share with you all and make you jealous.

The marscapone filled chooclate covered strawberry deliciousness…Yum.


Ghost Pepper February 20, 2011

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While browsing the Pittsburgh Public Market, we sampled various flavors of marshmallows (they really should just be called amazingness) at the Pittsburgh Marshmallow Factory’s kiosk. As you know, we came home with Dark Chocolate Marshmallow Hearts from this trip. What I failed to mention was that I also picked up a Ghost Pepper marshmallow which was appropriately labeled, “Too Hot for You!”.

Silly me held on to the marshmallow for 6 days before trying it, and I decided to do so after having nachos with salsa and hot pepper rings. Oh, and I was home alone with the kids. Since I only had my 2 year old and the phone handy to document, the photos are a little less than desirable, but you’ll get the idea. Here’s how it went down.

I opened the bag and took a sniff. Not bad, I can do this.

I pull it out of the bag and sniff again. Yup, I got this.

Lil Girl, who just ate some hot pepper rings herself, asks, “Mama, can I try? I really want to taste that ‘smello.” Sorry sweetie, this pepper won’t be so great in your tummy…

The microwave dings. I remember that I was preparing some hot chocolate, just in case. C’mon, you know you don’t need it, wuss!”

I conquer the first bite. Seriously, girl, you got this.

I chow down the second. Hmm, yeah, it does have a bit of a burn!

Time for the third. Sweet baby Jesus, 9 pounds 7 ounces, where is my &^%#$@! cocoa?”

He said throw it in, throw it in!!! Goodness this better make it better!

I take a sip. Ah, hell. A asks me, “Mama, you sad?” Is it really evident that my eyes are watering and my insides are angry?

Maybe if I take them out of the cocoa I will be ok? Take it out, now!!!

Oh no, still too much, get milk, milk will help! Not the Silk, you’ll be even worse off…and don’t you dare think about them jalapenos now, girl!

Phew, we do still have regular milk. Get it!!!

I chug it like it’s out of style. More, more!

Then for some reason, I try the cocoa again. Are you not thinking?

Consider the Ghost Pepper too hot for me. Maybe some Chocolate Bacon Cookies would help the burn?


Happy Valentine’s Day February 14, 2011

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…from ‘Lil Burghers!

I highly enjoyed this Dark Chocolate Marshmallow heart from Pittsburgh Marshmallow Factory!


East End Brewing Company February 13, 2011

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On Super Bowl Sunday, Lil Man, the Daddy Burgher, and I ventured out in the cold for our first trip to the Strip District. Our main goal was to browse Steelers merchandise and to check out the Pittsburgh Public Market (hello, indoors!). While we were there, I just couldn’t resist “warming up” by sampling a few of the local brews presented by East End Brewing. While I loved the Chocolate Cherry Stout, the winner for game time was a GOLD cider (perfect for cheering on our Steelers!).

Following the delicious samples, we asked to take home a 1/2 gallon glass jug (called a growler) full of the yummy cider. Yes, the growler cost about 2 dollars more than a few tap specials of Bud would’ve cost at the local dive; however, I can’t stress enough how different and overwhelmingly delicious a local brew is! Well worth the spend (which frankly seemed low to me)! After cashing out, we noticed what looked like an over-sized coozie to carry the growler in. Of course I had to purchase the carrier, too!

During the game, we enjoyed the cider (It was called “…and sat down be CIDER”). It definitely was overly fresh and crisp, the way I like a brew to be.

Here is a shot of the growler in the carrier (with snaps for Billy Hill, a great Columbus Tattoo Artist, via the coozie holding my cherry Faygo):


Goodies! February 12, 2011

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When my husband’s sister and our friend Ash came in for a visit, I had to take them to the Robinson Market District for lunch and goodies.

For lunch, Hubs and SIL had some of the brick oven pizzas. Lil girl had chicken fingers, “little trees” (broccoli), and fruit from the hot/cold bar. Ash and I enjoyed some delights from the bbq/rotisserie station—ribs for her, pulled pork for me. I always enjoy a meal from there when trekking to the airport. It is great pricing and always tasty.

After lunch, we roamed the store and picked up some delicious items throughout our journey (it’s a journey because the store is so huge and takes you on quite the taste tour!). I am a huge fan of the bulk section and grabbed some cous cous and some granola/chocolate chips to make my own mix. Our downfall, if you would call it that, was the bakery and candy sections. In the bakery, we all picked out sweet treats. Lil Girl LOVES the thumbprints and picked out a Valentine themed one (why she chose pink over Steelers was beyond me). Ash, SIL, and I all choose cake slices—see my mint chocolate choice below. Then in the candy section I went crazy over chocolate dipped goodies—oreos and licorice.

And finally, the gelato station. Pittsburgh Steelers themed gelato. No words needed.