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Filling a Freezer March 2, 2011

Filed under: Appliances — mrsgregwillis @ 7:00 am

Thank you to my habit of loaning Uncle Sam money + our newest addition, this year’s tax refund enabled us to cross three things off our “goals list”. This was the first purchase, a stand-up freezer! Greg sure was thankful to have the guys from Lowe’s deliver it AND put it in our basement. I sure am thankful to not worry about cashing in on frozen food deals because I have plenty of room for our purchases!

Why did we want a freezer so bad when we are a small family and only two of us really eat? Well, I LOVE to coupon shop and our favorite grocery store always has specials that feed both my habit & our stomachs. When we bought our fridge for the house, we liked the drawers of the freezer, but it would fill up with food way too quick. Many times, we didn’t even keep ice in the freezer because there simply wasn’t space. This new addition lets us be get what we want when we want it…you know, like 4/$10 ice cream tubs…yum!


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