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Fried Goodness February 16, 2011

Filed under: Appetizers,Snacks — mrsgregwillis @ 2:30 pm

A few episodes ago on “The Jersey Shore”, DJ Pauly D joked to a guy crushin’ on Snooki that he needed to deliver flowers with fried pickles. Thank goodness we were able to get some nice sliced fried pickles at Buffalo Wild Wings last week; however, fried pickles are a treat that I really love and I needed more!

Thanks to the Food Network, I found this recipe and adapted it by substituting the ground red pepper with creole seasoning. There was PLENTY of flour to go around, so I threw some hot pepper rings into the mix, too.

Off to the deep fryer they went, and the flour was staring me down saying, “DON’T WASTE ME!”

Thankfully, I had some grilled chicken in the fridge and thought that’d be a good addition to this mid-afternoon snack turned early dinner (although crazy bad for us). I was right. What a treat! Even Arianna was able to enjoy the delights since they were made with eggs. Sadly, I have resolved to putting the deep fryer away for awhile because the whole house smells like grease (is that really such a bad thing?).

This treat was enjoyed on my last Friday of maternity leave…thank goodness I won’t have as much time to prepare a “snack” like this when I am back at work!


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