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New Years Resolutions January 4, 2011

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I am not really one to set specific goals or resolutions, but what with having weeks off to bond with the new baby, alot of thinking is going on. This year, I would like to become better at couponing, meal planning, and meal variations. (Even though I DID make a statement less than 2 hours ago that is 100% true–i could eat pizza, of varied types, everyday for the rest of my life. Frankly, if you tasted last night’s dinner, you may agree. Pics to come soon.) In order to achieve my loose goals, I want to take the following steps:
1. Faithfully organize my coupons.
2. Follow through with deals from coupon bloggers–but only ones that work for our family or or stockpile.
3. Plan ahead. 4 grocery trips a week is not good for our budget, we never take coupons or qualify for a good foodperks trip. (If you don’t get what a “good foodperks trip” is, watch for the commercials and use them when you are saved up and spending more than you’d like–i get so irritated when people use 4% on a $10 bill.)
4. Make meal calendars and stick with them.
5. Get a deep freezer.
6. Prep meals in the deep freezer–casseroles could make a comeback: see this Trib article
7. Get a food panel done for A. It would be great to know what she truly can and cannot eat. Family meals would become much easier.
Let’s see how we do this year!


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